First Day on the Job

Rewind to December 10th 2016. Teen vogue, the little sister publication to Vogue, had presented something different. An op-ed written by freelance journalist Lauren Duca had discussed a theory to explain the social psychological behind the 2016 American election. About a month after Donald Trump’s controversial win, Duca had publish her piece called Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America. After it was apparent that Trump was very much going to be the next president, Duca was able to write what she thought was on his opposition’s social pychological state of mind.

Succinct and persuasive, her piece gave insight on the disbelief people had of the then president-elect. His online trolling and constant mockery of non-supporters, created an almost caricature image of Trump and his behaviour. Duca argues implicitly that his slogan “Make America great again” created a state of fear from people. With non-solutions, his echoed promises of change and that his ideas were the best, and tremendous. He would double down when presented with facts that contradict his arguments, labeling them as false.

What I found most compelling about her work was the insight on his destructive gaslighting. Regarding true information, especially sourced from the media, he deliberate attempt(ed) to destabilize journalism as a check on the power of government.” This is important to acknowledge because she morals the importance of truth in her writing. The media acts as a check on power, especially within a democratic society. So Trump’s consistent push to discredit the medium as a whole is, if successful, would allow him to act unaccountability. The truth must always to accessible. And the truth was something Trump didn’t always want to admit during the election season.

Denial of facts only added to his gaslighting. Fact: He is a reality tv star. Fact: He is a businessman. Fact: His companies have filed for bankruptcy multiple times. But of coursed, he championed himself as the blue collared billionaire.

His supporters believed his cries of wolves as true and pictured him their only champion. He won on the platform of fear. His predecessor through Hope.


January 20th, 2017 Trump will be sworn in as the president of the United States.


Hold true to power America.



4 thoughts on “First Day on the Job

  1. I think he’s using ‘alternative facts’ to justify his actions, especially with his signing of so many executive orders. I don’t think another president who’s party has control over other houses of government would be in such a rush to make so many big decisions so quickly.


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