Black History Month Profiles: Beyoncé’s Lemonde

After her 20 plus years in the music industry, many felt that at the 59th Grammys, Beyonce was a shoein to win the coveted album of the year for Lemonade. Rewind to last year’s halftime show performance, Beyonce had debuted her new single ‘Formation’ to the world during her performance along side Bruno Mars and the Main artist of the event Coldplay.


Her performance was the cause of much criticism and praise. Many saw her performance as militant and rebellious, particularly offense towards police forces across the United States and Canada. A boycott was also called by many police on the ‘anti police’ tone the song and performance gave. So quick review:

  • The performance featured background dancers dressed as black panthers
    • This can be seen as offensive given the black panther quasi- militant tactic
    • This can also been seen as paying tribute to a highly active civil rights group that fought for the safety and protection of Black citizens within the United States
  • Beyonce’s outfit was can be seen as militant
    • This can echo the unity inline with the backup dancers as well
    • But it can also be seen as her paying homage to Micheal Jackson and his performance during the SuperBowl (photo provided by TMZ)

Micheal Jackson and Beyonce at respective SuperBowl performances

Formation then became the lead single, which in turn gave the tone of the overall Album Lemonade. Many noted the compilation was unique, stating it (brought) out her wildest, rawest vocals as well as a departure from the artist’s normal sound. Time magazine noted Beyonce’s as  ”[…] publicly embraced explicitly feminist blackness at a politically risky moment.”. Her album also also most notably praised by Adele during the 59th Grammys. During her album of the year acceptance speech, Adele spoke openingly on her long admiration of the artist and how the Lemonade album had influenced her and her black friends. “[…] the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves.”.

The point is Beyonce’s album was very clear in direction and purpose. Many felt her album was timely and as Adele said ’empowering’. So it begs the question, did Beyonce deserve Album of the Year?



Featured image provided by BillBoard.


4 thoughts on “Black History Month Profiles: Beyoncé’s Lemonde

  1. Beyonce is one of my favourite artists of all time as well. I also personally believe that she deserved the album of the year award over Adele (even though her music is fantastic as well). Do you feel as if the Grammy’s are losing their credibility?


    1. I think they definitely need to review how they consider who wins. There is a known bias for talent that write their own music vs those that don’t, which is why many people thought Adele won and Beyonce lost as well. But to give them credit Chance the Rapper won best new artist, which is big considering he doesn’t sell his music, nor is he signed to a label. So its something.


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