Women’s History Month Spotlight: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is the creator, producer, writer, director and showrunner of various shows part of ShondaLand. You might know them as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder among others. Her longest running show, Grey’s Anatomy, has been on the air for 12 years. It’s 13 season has garnered multiple awards for the show acting, design and writing. But behind it all is Shonda Rhimes.

In 2015, the Rhimes had published a book that reflected her change in outlook in her life. She had noticed she was becoming less inspired and that natural motivation to create and write was missing. She ends up looking over her life and decides to start saying yes to things that scared her. She decides to focus more on self care.

Now yes, this book is categorized as a “self help” book in stores, but she doesn’t solely look at how tos and tips on how to be happier. She dives more into her own hurdles she bares, being at the helm of multiple successful primetime TV shows, being a single mom, and she comes to terms with many decision she’s made in life. I would have deemed this more a biography than a self help book because she presents scenarios from a narrator’s perspective. You’re walking through the lesson with her. Which technically you are, for a year anyway. Below is a video by Christina from Naturally Curly YouTube describing her favorite lessons from the book.

I would like to state this book isn’t perfect. If you are not a fan of her show, especially Grey’s Anatomy, you may not like it. only because the same tone is used in the show as in the book. To some, it’s comforting and familiar. I appreciated it. But some metaphors might be lost upon those who are part of ShondaLand Thursday nights.

I do really like the book though. Rhimes does a very good job stating her path to becoming more self confidence in who she is in everyway (good and no so much), and for which this was my favorite book in 2016.








(featured image sourced from screenertv.com)


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