American Sign Language and Music Accessibility

A few day ago, released a piece call “How sign language innovators are bringing music to the deaf”  featuring ASL interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego In the video Gallego describes the issue of the partially deaf or deaf community not being able to fully enjoy music like other able people can. She notes on the signal gesture of “music” interpreters use and the very unimaginative direct translation of lyrics leave the deaf and partially deaf community unable to experience music to its fullest.

She continues to state how a form of slang or conjunction of signs are used to keep up with music, for example in rap songs she states combining signs allows her to keep up with the tempo of the song as well as translate metaphors.

Below is a video on her Youtube channel translating Anaconda by Nicki Minaj (explicit lyrics and translation is used) using the musical version of ASL

What do you think? Have you seen American Sign Language done before? Do you think there should be more accessibility to the deaf and partial deaf community to enjoy music? Comment below!


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