United Airlines: Poor PR and Censorship

On April 10th, a video was released from a passenger on a United Airlines flight showing a man being forcibly removed from his seat.

The passenger was visible distraught after being pulled and dragged down the aisle of the plane. The airline posted a response to the incident on their twitter account.

The problem that’s most obviously stated is the forced used to remove the passenger. The airline is legally allowed to double book seats with the assumption that customers will skip their flights, change flight times etc. In this case, the airline had overbooked it’s flight and had initially asked that passenger to give up his seat. When he refused, the escalation of force occurred with the assistance of the security team.

Many have stated after the previous Pepsi commercial controversy that happened last week, many have been quick to point out the bad week corporations have has handling public reaction.

A major difference people have noticed was the censorship. Many reacted to the Pepsi commercial online via Twitter as did those responding to the United Airlines. But people have begun to notice that tweets related to United had disappeared.

Somehow, people have suspected United had removed many negative tweets regarding the incident. But doesn’t that infringe on free speech? Especially when people are speaking out on the horrendous actions of the security.



What are your thought? Did United Airlines handle the situation effectively? Comment below!


(featured image provide from http://newsroom.united.com/2016-03-08-United-Airlines-Announces-Fleet-Update)



7 thoughts on “United Airlines: Poor PR and Censorship

  1. I was absolutely astonished by the incident. Never thought it would go so far, but not the first time I was surprised by the actions of a large corporation. As for the comment removal, I would really like to learn more about it. Removal of the tweets DEFINITELY infringes on free speech.


  2. How is that possible that someone can be treated like? It would had been better and cheaper for United Airlines, to offer a private jet for the passage 🙂 After the video went viral and all major news network in US and around the world commented on this matter, United Airlines stock market shares dropped immediately in the millions…


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