About Me

I wanted to create a platform to inspire intersectional women to be unapologetically loud.

It can be difficult to relate to certain political views, especially traditional political ideology, which has always been a source of discomfort for me. Having many identities, I have found little that I can relate to wholly. I am a female of multiracial identity. I’m made up of Jamaican, Bajan, Irish, English, and Black Canadian descent.

This blog will aim to give a voice to issues that require empathy from many points of views. Especially being visibly Black and typically being so in many situations, I will try to dedicate a section to recognition and celebration of Black figures during the month of February.

This blog is called Leave Her Wild with the URL herrelativism.wordpress.com. Leave Her Wild is a line from a poem by writer Atticus, which expressed the desire to allow women to live unrestricted by any barriers . Her Relativism is based on the ideology of relative thought.  I therefore acknowledge that not everyone will agree with what I have to say. That is why this is MY truth.

I love and often advocate intersectional womanist ideology, I won’t deny that.  But the appeal of civil rights has also been a interest of mine. This blog will strive to be a platform for millennial advocacy of just that. For a modern feminist activist.