United Airlines: Poor PR and Censorship

On April 10th, a video was released from a passenger on a United Airlines flight showing a man being forcibly removed from his seat. The passenger was visible distraught after being pulled and dragged down the aisle of the plane. The airline posted a response to the incident on their twitter account. United CEO response to United Express Flight 3411. https://t.co/rF5gNIvVd0— United (@united) April 10, … Continue reading United Airlines: Poor PR and Censorship


  On March 31st, David Schwimmer released a series of videos featuring sexual harassment scenarios women face on a day to day basis. These videos are apart of a sexual harassment prevention initiative Schwimmer is heading to inform the public in a more realistic way exactly how casual harassment can look like. During his interview on The View April 4th, Schwimmer stated he wanted to … Continue reading #ThatsHarassment

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Claire L’Heureux-Dubé CC GOQ and Implied Consent

Claire L’Heureux is a French- Canadian female judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. She was a trailbrazer in terms of redefining Canadian legislation regarding application towards women. She was a part of the final decision of  R v Ewanchuk, [1999] , a case which it’s decision massively aided terms of consent within Canada as it reviewed the terminology of explicit versus implied consent. The case … Continue reading Women’s History Month Spotlight: Claire L’Heureux-Dubé CC GOQ and Implied Consent

What to know about #ADayWithoutAWoman

On March 8th, an international strike will occur world-wide in protest of Trump, and multi-issue sexist ideology. Purposefully assigned to the same day as International Women’s Day, the strike was created by the same organizers as the January 21st “Woman’s March” The protest will allow women to participate by: Taking the day off, from paid and unpaid labour Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions … Continue reading What to know about #ADayWithoutAWoman

What Comes Next

This week has been… interesting. I try to speak from an impersonal perceptive. Honestly. Because this site will cover political events and acknowledging that my opinion on a matter will certainly differ from someone else’s opinion, I try to justify my opinions with facts. As my previous post suggests, Trump is not a fan of facts. At least not facts that exists in the real … Continue reading What Comes Next

First Day on the Job

Rewind to December 10th 2016. Teen vogue, the little sister publication to Vogue, had presented something different. An op-ed written by freelance journalist Lauren Duca had discussed a theory to explain the social psychological behind the 2016 American election. About a month after Donald Trump’s controversial win, Duca had publish her piece called Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America. After it was apparent that Trump was … Continue reading First Day on the Job